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Team Trading Knowledge Portal  

Instructor: SSEI MARKETS

Language: Hinglish

Validity Period: 365 days

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SSEI is developing a portal called "Team Trading," where traders can join and share their trades and the logic behind taking those trades. Members of Team Trading can learn from each other. They can follow other members and engage with each other. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate learning among its members. This is not an advisory portal or service. Each trader has a different trading style and risk appetite. Members can follow other members based on their trading style. Team Trading portal is purely for educational purposes. It's like a forum for traders.


Features of Team trading Portal.

  • Members can share their own trades with explanations.
  • Members can follow other members.
  • Members can learn from each other's trades.
  • Members can engage with each other.
  • Members can ask other members about their trades and the logic behind them.


We have already begun the registration process for the Team Trading Portal. You can become a member of the upcoming Team Trading by registering yourself. Your subscription will commence from the day the portal becomes operational. As soon as the portal is ready, we will notify registered members and proceed to onboard them."


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